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 trace of grey would love to have you over! Happy Autumn to all you amazing people! It has been such a beautiful summer. Days filled with sunshine and warmth, long walks on the beach and on the gorgeous streets of our beautiful city. And as the days continue to be stunning, even if they are sometimes interspersed with rainy ones, it’s so easy to dream that summer might go on and on. We are grateful for all the fabulous days that we were gifted with, chances to see old clients again, both at the studio, and at markets and events, and opportunities to meet new clients as well. It has truly been a wonderful season, allowing us to continue to live and share our passion for creativity . As most of you know, one of the most treasured aspects of what we do is the one on one interaction we get to have with all of you. This past spring we made a decision to try something new, and opened our hearts and our home to all of you, in the form of a trunk show hosted in our apartment in the west end. It was such a delight to have so many of you pop by during a lovely April Saturday. We loved having the chance to hang out, chat and catch up, and show you our appreciation for your support by sharing some nibbles that we had prepared and a glass of this and that. And it was enjoyable to browse through our leather goods in a relaxed and more casual atmosphere than a market table, or our studio. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday, than to have lots of wonderful people mingling in our apartment, doing a little shopping and making new friends. Therefor, we would love to do it again. So, we hope that you will keep Saturday the 25th of October, between 12 and 6, open for us, in your busy schedules. This time we are going to try it in apartment #3, in Claudia’s pad on the ground floor in the Kenmore. That’s at 1075 Gilford Street, which is beautifully situated at the corner of Comox and Gilford, 2 blocks north of the Sylvia Hotel. It’s easy to get to us with public transit, and there are public parking spots in the surrounding area. We have been busy with new designs, and generally having a great time, so it will be easy to get a head start on Christmas wish fulfilling, both for yourself and for loved ones. Please feel free to tell a friend or two, or better yet, bring them along. You know that we love meeting new people and sharing our love for what we do. We look forward to seeing you, and to having you visit. claudia and monique The address is #3- 1075 Gilford St. The corner of Gilford and Comox Buzzer # 03 Ground floor